"I loved the opening....it was so effective in presenting what was to come in the show, and what the audience would be hearing.” ~Carol in Jim Thorpe, PA

"The opening song was so powerful, as you went through the stages of his life. The way you sang it brought tears to my eyes.” ~Lisa in Rochester, NH

“I just heard your demo on the website. Having been a Sinatra fan for most of my life, I’ve studied him for a number of years, and got him down fairly well. But, in the short clips I’ve heard, I’ve yet to hear anyone who has his voice down like you.”
~Royce Manwiller

"I must say after working at The Philadelphia Spectrum for over 30 years and seeing and meeting the real Frank Sinatra,Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.many times that I was some what apprehensive about the show but boy was I surprised what a wonderful show was put on by this marvelous trio led by Tony Sands.One of the added touches were the three guys greeting people as they left the theater.I truly regret not thinking to get pictures with the three last night and pairing that picture with the pictures I have with the real Frank, Sammy and Dean years ago.Tony is due back here in May but I hope you will try to get John Smitherman to book this show again.What a great feeling it was.One thing though I noticed no pictures or video was, allowed and I would like to see that ok' d for these shows with Tony and the Boys"
~Scott Denny - Runnemede, NJ

Audio - Listen to Tony Sands

Fly Me to the Moon

Put Your Dreams Away

It Was A Very Good Year